• 1927 Foundation: In 1927 the company was founded by Erich Jaeger in Bad Homburg.
  • 1935 First elec. indicator swith: In 1935, the electrical indicator switch was produced as the first product for the automotive industry in the company.
  • 1950 Focus on the automotive industry: Early 50s Erich Jaeger has been consistently geared to the production of electrical equipment for the expanding motorcycle and automotive industry.
  • 1970 First 7-pin connector: In 1970 Erich Jaeger registered the patent for the world's first 7-pin connector. The launch took place in the same year.
  • 1978 Optimization of 7-pin connector: By separating the housing and contact insert in 1978 the 7-pin socket could be significantly improved. This helped the system to a decisive breakthrough on the market.
  • 1986 Development of 13-pin connector: Developed in 1986 by Erich Jaeger, the 13-pin connector system becomes a standard of the international industry.
  • 1996 DIN EN ISO certification: In 1996 our company was first certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.